ESG & Sustainability

ESG Strategy

New Age Metals is committed to managing and operating our assets in a manner that is protective of human health and safety and the environment. It is our policy to comply, in all material respects, with applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. Each employee of the Company is also expected to comply with our policies, programs, standards, and procedures. ESG reporting is done on a yearly basis, with the recent ESG encompassing metrics from 1st July 2021 – 30th June 2022. The person in charge of compiling the report is Faraz Rasheed, Business Development EIT for NAM. The report is reviewed by Harry Barr, CEO and Chairman of NAM.

NAM has contracted third-party environmental consulting service, Story Environmental Inc., for its River Valley PGM project in Ontario. NAM also follows all major jurisdictional protocols for River Valley as well as its Manitoba lithium and Alaska Genesis PGM project and is following all governmental paperwork, authorization, and assessment. The compliance not only is detrimental to NAM’s goal of a transparent and effective ESG regime, but it also gives NAM the “social license to operate” alongside support from various stakeholders in the equation.

Diversity and Inclusion & Community Relations

A cornerstone of NAM’s progress is its function as a team that further depends on the contribution and ability to inspire the trust and confidence of every employee. Some key steps taken to enforce this are:

  • To hire, pay and assign work on the basis of qualifications and performance;
  • Not to discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, age, citizenship, veteran’s status, marital status, or disability;
  • To prohibit any sexual, physical, verbal or any other kind of harassment by others while an employee is on the job;
  • To make the safety and security of our employees while at Company facilities a priority.

NAM has long standing agreements with:

  • Temagami First Nation in Ontario, signed in 2014, updated in 2017
  • Nipissing First Nation in Ontario, signed in 2022
  • Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, signed in 2018

Alongside the exploration agreements, NAM regularly weighs in and carries out its duties in accordance with the requests and protcols as defined/suggested by our contacts in these communities. These requests range from visiting explorations sites and attending First Nation conferences, meeting First Nation represnetatives individually and during conferences such as PDAC, conducting ancestral land use, archaeological, and occupancy studies etc.

ESG Reports

For New Age Metals’ annual ESG reports, please refer to the following documents.

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