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Northeast palladium explorer begins environmental assessment work

July 20 2020 - New Age Metals continues testing targets on River Valley property.

A Junior Pure-Play Ready to Capitalize on Palladium’s Upswing?

May 12 2020 - What now seems like a lifetime ago, but is only just a couple of months past, palladium hit an all-time high in USD, when an ounce of the precious metal was trading at over $2,800.

Investor Guide : RESOURCE

February 2020 - StockTalk is a series of Stockhouse Investor Guides with unique editorial contributions and insights from industry leaders in the capital markets, categorized by sector.

The palladium bull run continues as we take a look at two promising palladium juniors

Feb 05 2020 - The palladium market continues to rocket higher as a severe structural palladium deficit continues due to strong demand and restrained new supply.

Platinum group metals boom draws eyeballs to northeastern Ontario

Feb 03 2020 - A new neighbour has sidled up next to the developer of a potential open-pit mine near Sudbury.

More expensive than gold: the meteoric rise of palladium

January 24 2020 - Palladium prices have jumped 24% since the start of the month and almost doubled in one year. The value of the precious metal surpassed that of gold last year.

The Best Place to Capitalize on Palladium? Junior Pure-Play Projects

January 16 2020 - Precious metals investors are quickly running out of excuses for ignoring the rise of palladium.

A New Age for Palladium and Lithium

December 05 2019 - Two months ago, investors were dubbing palladium the hottest precious metal as prices reached US $1,600/oz. Today, they’re above US $1,800/oz.

The Power of Palladium

November 01 2019 - Palladium is a rare, precious metal – one of the six platinum group metals (PGMs). Its very name conjures up exotic images of a glistening, space-age metal with a price-tag that matches its scarcity.

Canadian Prairies Snapshot: Eight companies to watch

October 29 2019 - Manitoba and Saskatchewan are among the world’s premiere jurisdictions for mining and mineral exploration. Here’s a look at eight companies working in the provinces.

New Age Metals Inc. | Season 3 Episode 22

October 23 2019 - Harry Bar, the CEO of New Age Metals Inc. (OTCQB: NMTLF), a Canadian - based exploration and mining development company with two divisions that are focused on Lithium and Platinum Group Metals joins the podcast to discuss the company's push for sustainability.

Palladium and Platinum Explorer New Age Metals Inc.

October 21 2019 -New Age Metals Inc. (NAM) is an exploration company specializing in the exploration and development of platinum group element (PGE) and lithium deposits.

Focus on Palladium and Lithium Elevates Canadian Junior

October 3 2019 - The mining landscape is constantly changing in terms of what’s current.

Increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles aiding global push for sustainability

September 19 2019 - The future of transportation is poised for sustainability through the global adoption of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and fully battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Palladium, Not Gold, is the Hottest Precious Metal

September 16 2019 - If you’ve been near a metals and mining conference or forum over the last few months, all you’ve heard about recently is gold.

Refining PGM drill targets at Genesis

August 9 2019 - New Age Metals Inc. July 25 announced the start of a 2019 exploration program focused on mapping hydrothermal alteration to better define drill targets on its Genesis platinum group metals-nickel-cobalt project in Southcentral Alaska.

PGM: New Age reports positive PEA for River Valley project

June 28 2019 - ONTARIO – New Age Metals of Vancouver has received the preliminary economic assessment for its 100% owned River Valley platinum group metals project 100 km from Sudbury.

River Valley could host platinum group metals mine

June 28 2019 - New Age Metals economic study sees open-pit potential, east of Sudbury

Critical Minerals Alaska

May 2019 - (Page 70) New Age Metals Inc. recently signed an agreement with Anglo Alaska Gold Corp. to acquire full ownership of Genesis, a 10,240-acre, drill-ready platinum group metal project in the Peninsular Terrane.

New Age Metals prepares to meet the demands of a greener energy future

21 February 2019 - New Age Metals Inc. (TSXV: NAM | OTCQB: NMTLF) is a mineral exploration company focused on the exploration and development of platinum group metals (includes palladium) and lithium.

A New Play: The BEST Performing Commodity

29 January 2019 - For the second year in a row, palladium was the best performing commodity with the best 10-year return for all commodities

New Age Metals CEO: Green Metal Demand is Rising

21 November 2018 - New Age Metals CEO Harry Barr outlines the work his company has been completing for its PGM and lithium divisions in North America.

Azincourt, New Age sample high grade Li2O at Lithium One

13 November 2018 - The joint venture of Vancouver-based Azincourt Energy and New Age Metals has received assays up to 4.1% lithium oxide from the Silverleaf pegmatite samples at their Lithium One project 125 km northeast of Winnipeg.

New Age Metals CEO discusses how they differentiate from other green metals (Video)

1 November 2018 - New Age Metals Inc. is a mineral exploration company, focused on the discovery, exploration and development of Canada's largest primary platinum group metals (PGM)...

Palladium Leading the Platinum-group Metals Market and Beyond

31 October 2018 - Platinum-group metals (PGMs) are six similar transitional metals that include palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Each has similar physical and chemical properties...

Lithium & PGMs Demand Driven by the Auto Industry

10 October 2018 - New Age Metals consists of two green metal Divisions; Largest undeveloped Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Project in North America. Why is this a Green Metal? Because Platinum/Palladium are primarily used in Catalytic Converters...

Numbers looking solid for River Valley project

20 September 2018 - New Age Metals' River Valley project could be a historic mine site, according to its developers, so long as investor confidence and the markets remain strong enough to see it become a reality.

New Age Metals grows lithium assets in Manitoba

Two years ago, New Age Metals (TSXV: NAM; US-OTC: NMTLF) became one of the largest claim holders in the Winnipeg River pegmatite field of southeastern Manitoba, 125 km northeast of Winnipeg. Through staking and acquisitions...

New Age Metals signs LOI with Alaskan geological consulting firm

5 April 2018 - New Age Metals Inc. said Wednesday it has signed a binding letter of intent with Avalon Development Corp. Under the LOI, Avalon will provide acquisition and geological services to New Age Metals in the state of Alaska.

New Age Metals finds high grade

16 October 2017 - New Age Metals Inc. said Wednesday it has signed a binding letter of intent with Avalon Development Corp. Under the LOI, Avalon will provide acquisition and geological services to New Age Metals in the state of Alaska.

Ontario Prospector Feature

Spring/Summer 2017 - If you follow the mining industry closely in Northern Ontario, chances are you have heard of New Age Metals (NAM: TSXV), formerly Pacific North West Capital. The Vancouver-based mineral exploration company is leading...

From an Alphastox Newsletter

May 2017 - It’s always good to diversify your portfolio into other sectors. Even though we’re bullish on the mining sector, we’re not necessarily going all-in on gold. There are other commodities...

New Age Dawns for Palladium

22 February 2017 - While Lithium sets the pulse racing of some investors, in the case of New Age Metals Inc. it is its PGM potential that is the standout feature. And of that, we particularly like that its Pd to Pt ratio is 2.5:1...

Sudbury Accent: Slump easing for exploration company

17 September 2016 - Harry Barr is convinced there is a big find east of Sudbury. Say you’re a barber who runs your own shop, and you haven’t had a customer in your chair for five years. You may be tempted to give up...


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